VIDEO—Sen. Harry Reid Launches Racist Jokes Before Asian Audience

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Daily Caller has a story on this remarkable video of Sen. Harry Reid speaking before the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce. In it, Sen. Reid engages in ethnic humor. First he jokes about Asians being smarter than everyone else — a racial stereotype, albeit a positive one. Later, he jokes that he “can’t keep his Wongs straight.” That joke has a bit more bite. Would Reid joke to a white audience that he can’t keep his Smiths straight? Is he suggesting that all Asians look alike?


I’m asking as the husband of a Japanese woman…

Sen. Reid has a history of making racial remarks, as when he noted that Barack Obama was a viable black presidential candidate because he is “clean and articulate.” He had to apologize directly to Obama for that one.

The Senator’s efforts did not help his chosen candidate for Nevada lieutenant governor. He sought the Asian Chamber’s endorsement for Democrat Lucy Flores. But the Chamber backed Republican Mark Hutchison instead.

More: This shouldn’t go without a mention. Democrats in Kentucky have been attacking Sen. Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao — because she is Asian.

And, during his first run for governor, Louisiana Democrats launched a series of racist attacks on Bobby Jindal by referring to his given name, Piyush.

More: Reid has a long history of making racist and, frankly, idiotic remarks. That very history prompts the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake to grant him “gaffe immunity.”


A Republican with a similar history — there aren’t any, by the way — would be driven from office.



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