MSNBC News Actors Gaslight Viewers, Claim Biden Didn't Fall Asleep at Maui Survivor Gathering

This is a perfect microcosm of the level of disconnect from reality that the left, broadly speaking — to the extent that MSNBC viewers are actually leftists and not just programmable human-robot hybrids for the establishment — suffers.


MSNBC news actors were none too pleased to see the Brandon entity’s mid-survivor-testimonial-of-the-horrendous-suffering-of-the-Maui-people nap publicized heavily in, as Mika Brzezinski put it, “far-right” media.

Rather than sleeping on the job — as Brandon obviously was, worn out as he must have been from vacationing until his holiday was rudely interrupted by the death and suffering of his constituents — the power couple Mika and Morning Joe informed viewers on their show that the alleged president was “bowing his head.” He was doubtless doing so in deeply empathetic commemoration of untold human misery.

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Morning Joe explained the nap away to his lobotomized viewers thusly (emphasis added):

This is crazy. You know, Willie, we’re looking at the headlines from the local papers. Now, if you were following right-wing mediayou would think that everybody in Maui was angry with Joe Biden, that Joe Biden was having a siesta during, uh, every — I know this is going to shock you: it was all garbage!

You look at the local newspapers, you look at the local reports, you listen to the local people. These aren’t Democratic operatives, it was the Maui newspaper. Everybody in these newspapers, glowing coverage, thanking the president for being there, saying it made such a difference that he and Jill were so empathetic. They were so giving. They gave them hope. And again, just read the papers.


MJ then gave a forceful narrative over the footage of Brandon nodding off:

And it’s the same thing with this Joe-Biden-is-sleeping deal. You actually look at the longer, the — the longer video. He coughs. He bows his head like the woman next to him. He takes like four deep breaths, like he’s trying to catch his breath. We don’t know why. Maybe, maybe he was moved. And then he’s like, nodding, looks up. And yet the screaming headline says, “Biden’s sleeping! Biden’s sleeping! Biden’s sleeping!”

He coughs. And now look at this. Okay. He goes down. He’s been traveling a lot. Look at this. He takes one to catch in his breath. By the way, the lady next to him several times, head bowed too, is very moving. And, you know, he’s listening to the speaker. He goes, yes, he raises his head. Oh, my God. It’s the end of the world as we know it. The only thing, Willie, the only thing that we can thank God for is that Joe Biden was not wearing a tan suit because then would’ve been a total meltdown on the far right. But I will tell you, the people of Maui — and again, read, read the local coverage. Don’t listen to the lies on Trumpy outlets. Read the local coverage. All incredibly positive.

Watch the video and judge for yourself whether Brandon was contemplating the impermanence and fragility of sacred life, or if he was going down for a nappy-poo.


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