Biden Administration Will Not Evacuate U.S. Citizens Stranded in War-torn Sudan

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

The Biden administration has announced it has no plans to assist U.S. citizens stranded in war-torn Sudan, currently engulfed in civil war. But it was sure to extract all government personnel from the embassy.


Via CBS News:

Amid ongoing violence in Sudan that has left hundreds of people dead, the U.S. military has successfully evacuated American government employees from their embassy in Khartoum, the White House announced late Saturday night…
There are hundreds of American civilians in Sudan — 500 was the number shared with congressional sources. The State Department acknowledges that some records show 16,000 U.S. citizens may be in Sudan, but officials consider those figures to be inflated.

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) suggested that citizens in need of evacuation look to the United Nations for help:

In an interview with “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Sen. Chris Coons, a Democrat from Delaware, said an over-land convoy is the “most likely path out” for United Nations workers as well as U.S. nationals who are still in Sudan but want to leave.

National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby suggests “sheltering in place.” Via CBS News:

Kirby advises all Americans who haven’t already heeded warnings to leave Sudan to shelter in place due to violence in Khartoum.  

“This is not the time to be moving around the city,” he said.

Reading (with great difficulty) from her handlers’ script, admitted diversity hire Karine Jean-Pierre echoed those sentiments. “Americans have been warned since last year” to leave Sudan, she explained, essentially throwing salt in the wound of stranded Americans looking for help from the government theoretically tasked with serving them.


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The U.S. State Department has an annual budget of $63 billion. The Department of Defense is even better funded, with nearly $2 trillion to burn through annually (very little of it being accounted for as the Department has failed five consecutive audits). Yet moving a few thousand of its own citizens out of danger appears to be beyond its competency. Maybe if it had a few more trillion dollars in funding…

Every year, these departments get more and more bloated on taxpayer money and appear to do less and less to actually ensure the security and prosperity of America and Americans.

The reaction to this story from some Americans might be “tough luck.” Maybe those people should’ve read the tea leaves and left town a lot sooner. Fair enough.

But then what is the point, exactly, of a State Department that refuses to help American citizens escape an active warzone? It appears to be exporting radical LGTBQ+++™ ideology and racial grievance politics as far and wide as possible — all with an unclear benefit for national security or national prosperity.


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