ANOTHER 'Transgender' Biological Male Offered Lucrative Tampon Endorsement Deal

Third-wave feminists are probably getting tired of all this winning.

In a stunning victory over the patriarchy, women now have yet another transgender icon who was born with a penis to represent them and their feminine hygiene needs. A second transgender (self-identified “girl”/adult human male Dylan Mulvaney being the first) named Jeffrey Marsh just scored an endorsement deal with Tampax.


Via Reduxx:

Calling himself a “non-binary person who does not menstruate,” Marsh claimed his intentions behind taking the paid gig were to help end the stigma associated with periods. He continued: “And then the hate came for me,” and scolded the women who took issue with his participation in the tampon promotion, claiming that they were “policing” gender by criticizing him.

Marsh’s claimed reasons for his participation in the ad campaign fell flat on social media, with many pointing out that Marsh frequently uses the term “TERF” when addressing women who vocally support the basic rights and safeguarding of women and children. TERF – an acronym standing for “trans exclusionary radical feminist” – is often used in a derogatory fashion and coupled with threats and abuse.

Not wanting a man with a penis to gobble up marketing gigs for women’s menstruation products makes you a bigot. So shut your mouth, ladies, and open up your hearts (and wallets).

Transgender icon-hood is big business. Dylan Mulvaney netted an estimated $1 million in 2022 in endorsement deals. Marginalization and systemic discrimination pay off, it turns out.


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The transgenders seemingly have a Freudian obsession with tampons and menstruation. In 2019, another transgender linebacker named Jessica Yaniv explicitly floated the idea of actually assisting young girls with their personal needs. Via Women Are Human (an evil TERF publication that maintains the fiction of biological reality):

Jessica [asked] various conversation partners what he should do if pre-prebuscent girls need help learning how to insert tampons, and whether he will have the opportunity to see naked girls in locker rooms.


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