The Rise of the Democrat Vote Machine (and How to Beat It)

They say Joe Biden got 81 million votes — the most ever for any American president — in 2020. One thing’s for sure: He got more votes than a socialist basement-gimp candidate should have. Then, last week, Democrats once again defied logic, public sentiment, and historical precedent when they outperformed all expectations and delivered a remarkably high number of Democrat votes in the 2022 midterm elections. So what’s going on here? Are they cheating? Or did that many Democrats really turn out to vote?


Yes and yes. Democrats have been working for decades to overwhelm Republican voters through institutional indoctrination, growing the government-dependent class, and promoting demographic change. But all those votes aren’t going to cast themselves! So Democrats have also built an enormous, multi-sector systemic vote machine to procure and deliver them. With the blank check of COVID-19 excuses, they rammed through 2020 balloting changes to mesh with the structure they already had in place, and they continued to build upon their successes in 2022.

After the midterm red wave was somehow outcompeted, Republicans are naturally engaged in a critique of party strategy. They’re wondering if it’s time to embrace the Leftist love affair with early and mail-in voting.

Not so fast. There’s no point in embracing a new system if it’s deeply (and purposefully) flawed, and perhaps not entirely legal. Before Republicans funnel all their resources into playing by the new mail-in, month-long election season rules, we should first make sure it’s actually a winnable game, instead of a boon for cheaters.

What is the Democrat Vote Machine?

In a nutshell, Democrats throughout the institutions work together to use their various spheres of influence, infrastructure, and financing to turn out urban — aka Democrat — votes. Under the guise of righting a wrong (historical systemic racism social justice gobbledygook), they bring all their power to bear to sow and reap victim-class votes while studiously omitting redder areas.


Remember “Zuckerbucks” in the 2020 election? Mark Zuckerberg and other wealthy progressives spent hundreds of millions of dollars to create the Center for Technology and Civic Life. PJ Media’s J. Christian Adams described what happened thusly: “The Center for Technology and Civic Life and allied groups are responsible for building an urban get-out-the-vote-machine of the sort that Democrats could only dream up on a bender fueled by jugs of Merlot and all the legalized pot they could smoke.”

What these grants did was build structural bias into the 2020 election where structural bias matters most – in densely populated urban cores. It converted election offices in key jurisdictions with deep reservoirs of Biden votes into Formula One turnout machines. The hundreds of millions of dollars built systems, hired employees from activist groups, bought equipment and radio advertisements. It did everything that street activists could ever dream up to turn out Biden votes if only they had unlimited funding.

Private money was largely banned from public elections after 2020, but that never stopped anyone. Adams, an election lawyer who previously served in the Voting Rights Section at the U.S. Department of Justice, also wrote about his work to uncover “coordination between progressive funders, federal authorities, corporations, state election officials, and leftist organizations” in another excellent piece.

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Through FOIA requests, election integrity groups are exposing a movement to fill in the gap left behind once Zuckerbucks and other private election funding was outlawed to create “synergy with the leftists, government agencies, and state and local election officials.”

And it got worse. Remember how Democrats failed to push their sloppy elections forever “voting rights” bills through Congress in 2020 and 2021? They had hoped to codify all the irregularities Leftists foisted upon the 2020 election in the name of COVID safety — which led to massive irregularities in the balloting and counting process and normalized the concept of swing states taking days or even weeks to “count all the votes.” Fortunately, the legislative effort failed.

But as we all know, Democrats never take no for an answer, and when they can’t pass legislation the right way, they simply pull a pen-and-phone maneuver and executive-order their will into domestic policy. (Witness the 5.5 million and counting “asylum seekers” we now host, in spite of immigration laws never being loosened.)

So, in March of 2021, “President” Biden signed Executive Order 14019, “Promoting Access to Voting.”

“But many Americans, especially people of color, confront significant obstacles to exercising that fundamental right,” asserts whoever wrote the EO. The order goes on to decree, “Agencies shall consider ways to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process.”


There follows an exhaustive list of ways for federal agencies to do so. But yes, the federal government appears to be using taxpayer money to join in the systemic goosing of Democrat voter turnout.

Is it legal?

Yes and no. The machine is designed to bring home a massive number of legal votes, but it also opens the door and turns a blind eye to lawbreaking and fraud.

Biden’s executive order, for instance, claims a legal right to meddle in states’ constitutional right to run elections: “The Voting Rights Act of 1965 and other Federal statutes implement those protections and assign the Federal Government a key role in remedying disenfranchisement and unequal access to the polls,” and so on.

Two groups, Citizens United and Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), have been filing FOIA requests and suing to see the details of how the EO was being executed. But the administration has stonewalled their demands for over a year. LifeSite reported on FGA’s frustration:

“The American people deserve to know if the Biden administration’s unprecedented action is fair and non-partisan, or if it is designed to help one political party over the other,” Tarren Bragdon, head of the foundation, said in a statement. “Why are they ignoring public record requests for strategic plans on federal voter registration efforts? Why are they treating these documents like they are classified information dealing with nuclear weapons? Midterms are approaching, and the DOJ’s failure to disclose information raises troubling issues. They need to reveal these public documents to keep our elections fair.”


The Federalist reported on Citizen’s United’s attempts to obtain records:

The nonprofit [Citizens United] submitted FOIA requests in June, but both agencies failed to respond (federal law requires FOIA requests to be responded to within 20 working days). The requests sought email and text messages from both agencies that mentioned President Biden’s Promoting Access to Voting executive order and the Hatch Act, a law that prohibits executive branch employees from engaging in election activities.

“The Biden Administration may have violated the Hatch Act and these records should provide the answer,” Citizens United President David N. Bossie told The Federalist.

The 1939 Hatch Act is meant to “ensure that federal programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion…,” according to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel. A strong case could easily be made that Biden’s EO is in violation of the law.

Ballot harvesting also appears to be a considerable part of the Democrat Vote Machine. The practice is legal in some far-left states, but it’s illegal in many swing states, such as Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. And while it has been tricky to prove and prosecute, that may be changing as whistleblowers begin to come forward and integrity-minded officials set their sights on disrupting the practice.

Can we beat it?

Maybe. It wouldn’t hurt to devote some resources to getting the Republican vote out there and competing directly with the Democrat vote machine. But again, it’s not worth doing unless the GOP can first rein in the illegal advantages to which Democrats have helped themselves.


For example, the federal government is prohibited from using public money to benefit one party over the other. With the current partisan DOJ not likely to press the matter, Republicans can turn to their House majority to investigate Biden’s EO and the agencies that are participating in it and compel them to produce documentation of what they’ve been doing. (If they continue to stonewall, perhaps an FBI field office can be persuaded to use its raiding skills to get those documents. Just sayin’.)

Ballot harvesting can be investigated by state and even local law enforcement, bypassing the Leftist partisan DOJ altogether. For example, the Florida State Department recently referred a huge, entrenched ballot harvesting investigation to the state’s Department of Law Enforcement for follow-up. States and counties can prosecute their own — and make examples of the ringleaders.

Republican PACs should also consider running some ads in appropriate states, reminding the public that ballot harvesting is illegal and punishable. Many of the door-to-door workers and voters on whom the harvesting rings rely don’t realize they’re doing anything wrong.

In conclusion

Big Left sets the rules, and Republicans can play by them when it’s legal and ethical to do so. But we will continue to lose so long as Democrats are permitted to cheat. Holding them accountable and keeping the playing field fair must be our first priority, or we are doomed to lose in perpetuity.


It’s possible that Republicans are currently outnumbered, with more Democrat voters warehoused in urban population centers than Republicans exist in the redder areas. And Democrats certainly have a much more effective vote-getting machine in place at this time. Above all, we must remember that we are a republic, not a democracy. A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. America was established to prevent the tyranny of the majority every bit as much as the tyranny of the ruling class, and we must hold her to it.


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