Vermont: Highest Vaccination Rate, Record-Breaking COVID Numbers

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)

Vermont, the left-wing New England paradise, is seeing a record number of its residents hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms. And this crisis comes despite having the highest vaccination rate in the United States.


Hospital admissions from COVID in the Green Mountain State have climbed rapidly in the last four months. With only 640,000 residents, 84 people are currently receiving hospital treatment, including 22 held in an intensive care unit. Consider that New York, at 30 times the population, has around 300 people currently hospitalized from coronavirus.

A disproportionate number of hospitalizations in Vermont are in the southwestern part of the state, near the Massachusetts border. Vermont’s Department of Health said a majority were not “fully vaccinated” against the virus.

“We do know that those who are not fully vaccinated are going to the hospital at a higher rate, and they are staying longer as well, consuming hospital resources,” Vermont Financial Regulation Commissioner Mike Pieciak told a local news affiliate.

Gov. Phil Scott and top health officials continue to promote COVID-19 vaccines and booster doses as the “best protection” against severe viral symptoms. The cancellation or delaying of elective surgeries is a likely next step.

The Scott administration has repeatedly advised residents to wear masks when inside public buildings. Though there’s no statewide mandate, municipalities have been granted authority to make their own masking rules.

Vermont Public Radio, which may be left of Lenin, acknowledged the situation Wednesday, then shared anecdotes and excuses — like cold weather. They also pushed for boosters, noting, “For many Vermonters though, it’s been more than six months since their last shot.”


The network quoted Harvard School of Public Health’s Stephen Kissler, who claimed, “While the vaccines still seem to be pretty good at preventing people from going to the hospital and dying, we are still seeing people with breakthrough infections that are symptomatic. That is not what we want to see.”

VPR also noted their state is unique in that “only a small proportion of residents have had a COVID infection,” an estimated 13% of Vermonters.

Speaking of vaccine requirements, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared Wednesday afternoon to answer questions from the White House press corps and lecture Americans. One exchange stood out:


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