New Media Lament: Why Can't Kyrsten Sinema Be More Like John McCain?

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Arizona’s U.S. senators seem to get outsized attention. Whether Barry Goldwater, Jeff Flake, John McCain or Kyrsten Sinema, the Grand Canyon State — one of the least populated states until about 50 years ago — has elected many strong personalities.


Aside from when he ran against Barack Obama in 2008, McCain was mostly considered a hero by corporate media for bucking the Republican Party on occasion. Sinema, by supposedly standing against Democrats — even though she’s still never voted against Biden’s position — is mocked and bullied for questioning her party’s unprecedented, unnecessary economy-crushing bill.

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A new media talking point has emerged, as journalists complain that unlike McCain, who apparently was gregarious and gave reporters the attention they craved, Sinema tends to avoid the media.




Should the first-term senator run to the cameras whenever possible like a Chuck Schumer or Ted Cruz?


Sinema’s politics are undeniably left of McCain’s, but she’s already been clear. Two months ago, she announced support for the bipartisan infrastructure plan, but opposed the $3.5 trillion on the welfare state reconciliation bill. Sinema also wrote a Washington Post column explaining her views on the filibuster. She also was one of the leading negotiators on the infrastructure bill.

It’s worth noting that we heard similar accusations leveled at Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) until a leaked memo showed Schumer had been lying about the ordeal the entire time.

As I’ve written, Sinema is properly representing her diverse constituents in Arizona — a state Biden won by only 10,000 votes and which she won by nearly 60,000 in 2018.

Sinema is not a polarizing figure among most Arizonans; if anything, she’s bridged divides and made Republicans apathetic about unseating her, independents vaguely supportive, and Democrats lukewarm.

All this occurs as Arizona’s other “moderate” Democrat senator, Mark Kelly, who skated by in a special U.S Senate election last fall, remains a rubber stamp for whatever leftists desire.

Why doesn’t the same media seek him out?



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