The Crazy Never Stops: Anti-War Protest in L.A.

On Saturday, March 19 anti-war protests were held in major cities around the country to mark the eighth anniversary of the Iraq invasion. This has become an annual ritual, the Saturday closest to March 19 having by now evolved into a leftist holiday, the anti-July 4.

The San Francisco version of the rally was mostly rained out — only a handful of people braved a downpour to protest in the streets. So I have no report of my own. But fortunately Los Angeles had better weather, and fellow citizen journalist Ringo the Gringo was on hand to document the festivities. Several aspects of the full report just posted on his site “Ringo’s Pictures” reveal the malevolence and dementia at the core of the anti-war left.

Ready? We’re going to Hollywood!

• They’re not anti-war: they’re just on the other side •

Hopefully by now most Americans have come to realize that the term “anti-war movement” is an intentional misnomer; but the point needs to be driven home repeatedly. The standard narrative pushed by the media and academia is that left-wingers are peaceniks who oppose war and violence on principle; whereas right-wingers are inherently pro-war because they’re either sadistic or stupid or both. But any visit to an “anti-war” rally will reveal that it’s not war the far-left opposes, but rather any action that promotes America’s interests. Since American strikes are usually against leaders or nations who oppose the United States, leftists can usually disguise their support for our enemies as merely opposition to military force in general. Yet at these sparsely attended post-Bush anti-war rallies, only the hardcore activists show up, so it’s much easier to see their true agenda once you look for yourself without the media’s obfuscatory filter.

Let’s examine a few examples.

• Pro-Gaddafi Native Americans •

The rally kicked off with an official opening ceremony from a Native American group. And they made it very clear: They support whomever America attacks:

A Native American woman then got the crowd going with a “Down with USA! Down with USA!” chant. Ringo captured the rest of their presentation (transcription below):

Native American Woman: They killed black people here, brown people here, and they still have us in concentration camps. So tell me about your Obama, your United States government. We are coming here with prayer, and everybody comes.

In ’86, they bombed Libya. In ’86, they tried to relocate 18,000 Diné Navajo people in Arizona. And you tell me to go fight a war somewhere else, when the war is here?

They don’t feed our people. They don’t give us an education. War and poverty. But if I go on, I’ll be pissed off, so I want to go back into prayer. [Native American prayer.] All my relations. This is Chief Longwalker, from the Oyate Dakota [Metawakatuyon] nation.

Native American Man: It’s hard for me to talk to you in the enemy’s language. But that’s the only one you seem to understand. ‘Cause each and every one of you who are the true illegal aliens and wetbacks are people crossing the imaginary border, are our people. Those that come across the ocean are the people that are causing all the problems. You are those descendants. It’s up to you in my country — this is mine, I am the landlord, you have yet to pay me my rent — I’m asking you as my guest to take care of Obama, Bush, take care of the Capitol in Washington, DC. Do it here!

Don’t worry about other countries. This country’s got such a stinkin’ filthy backyard that we can’t clean it up; that’s why we’re going all over the world trying to destroy theirs. I’m asking you, as an indigenous person, if you will do it I will lead you. I will lead you. [Native American prayer.]

Are you taking notes?

English is “the enemy’s language.”
Americans are “the true illegal aliens and wetbacks.”
This is his land and we have yet to pay him rent.
We don’t give enough free food and schools to Native Americans.
Reservations are concentration camps.

And the crowd of course ate it up. Nothing excites an anti-war crowd like telling them how they evil they are for simply being Americans. This leads me to a new axiom:

Masochism, when expressed sexually, is called a “fetish”; but when expressed politically it is called “liberalism.”

• Obama Disappointment Syndrome epidemic •

The anti-war crowd in L.A. seem to have lost all faith in Obama. (Looks like I’ll see a boost in sales of my Obama Disappointment Syndrome paraphernalia!) The too-ironic coincidence of Obama starting a new war on the very day Bush started one eight years ago was not lost on the protesters, who have now consigned Obama to the “just another warmongering American imperialist” category:

• Black Hebrew Israelites •

There were counter-demonstrators on hand too, including a rather large contingent of “Black Hebrew Israelites,” whom I first blogged about back in 2009. This bizarre cult probes the outer limits of lunacy, with a dogmatic belief system that is anti-white, anti-Jew, anti-American, anti-African (seriously), and above all anti-rational. Their core beliefs seem to be:

a. African-Americans are the real Jews of the Bible, and the white people today purporting to be Jews are frauds.
b. White people are devils.
c. Jesus was black.
d. The Africans who stayed in Africa are evil villains whose ancestors sold (future) African-Americans into slavery.
e. America is doomed, as foretold by God — and that’s a good thing.
f. All of this is proven in the Bible.

There’s probably more to it too, but that’s all I could gather from what I’ve seen of them. No need to debunk any of their head-scratching and frankly ludicrous dogmas; it’s best just to write them off as nuts. But then again, other sects, cults and religions just as crazy have grown immensely popular, so maybe we should keep tabs on these folks.

Ringo captured their craziness in its full glory with this series of videos (transcriptions below each video):

Black Hebrew #1: That’s why there’s wars on the earth. Gimme that!

Black Hebrew #2: Exodus 15 and 3. ‘The Lord is a man of war.’

Black Hebrew #1: ‘The Lord is a man of war.’ That’s why you have wars on the planet Earth. And we read about it in the Book of Luke. ‘There shall be wars and rumors of wars.’ Because the heavenly father says, it has to come to pass. That’s why there’s war. So you people are marching for nothing, man. God is gonna destroy America. He’s gonna destroy America for all the abominations that this place has done, man.

Black Hebrew #3: That’s right!

Black Hebrew #1: First thing first: They took down the Native Americans and stole this land. So you gotta pay for that. You gotta pay for puttin’ up that image of the white Jesus. You have to pay for that. You gotta pay for puttin’ up some slavery and you goin’ to pay.

Black Hebrews: That’s right!

Black Hebrew #1: That’s why you’re marchin’ right now, because as United States citizens you don’t have no power. Your government don’t give a fuck about you people. And if I said it, rough, so what? So what? Grow a goddamn backbone.

Anti-war protester: But we got a black president.

Black Hebrew #1: No, we don’t have a black president. He’s a goddamn Hamite. He’s a African. Us negroes in America are not African. We’re the real Jews, according to the Bible.

Black Hebrew #2: That’s right!

Black Hebrew #4: Besides, Barack Obama’s a fuckin’ puppet anyway.

Black Hebrew #1: Yeah, he’s a puppet anyway. He’s a goddamn puppet set up by the devil.

Anti-war protester #1: We’re not Africans?

Black Hebrew #1: No, we’re not Africans. We don’t have the same spirit.

Anti-war protester #1: Is there something wrong with Africans?

Black Hebrew #1: You’re damn right! Them Africans sold us to the white man. They sold us to the white man.

Black Hebrew #4: That’s right!

Anti-war protester #1: All of them?

Black Hebrew #1: Yeah, all Africans. All Africans are a numbered piece of shit. The Heavenly Father don’t deal with the Africans.

Black Hebrew #3: That’s right!

Black Hebrew #1: The Heavenly Father don’t care about these nations, man.

Anti-war protester #1: Who?

Black Hebrew #1: The Heavenly Father: who you call God. He don’t care about these nations, man.

Next, he goes on to explain that white Jews are “the biggest devils on the planet”:


Black Hebrew #1: If you’re Jewish, if you’re calling yourself a Jew, and you’re a so-called white man, you’re the biggest devil on the planet.

Black Hebrews: That’s right!!

Black Hebrew #1: And we could prove it out of the Bible. The Mossad made you the chief house of these devils.

Ringo has several more unforgettable Black Hebrew tirades in his original report. Check ’em out!

We can’t say goodbye to the Black Hebrews without acknowledging their classic “devil Obama with a crackpipe” sign:

• Communist at the bone •

Stripped away of the layers of middle-class protesters who showed up at these things in the Bush years (especially the 2003-2006 era), we can see the that the core activists organizing and driving the modern anti-war movement are communists. Not “communists” or metaphorical sorta-communists, but actual self-described communists. Scroll through Ringo’s report for plenty of evidence, such as this booth manned by one of the rally’s sponsors:

And, as have become de rigueur as such events, there were of course Truthers, Israel-haters, Chemtrail crazies, America-haters, socialists, conspiracy theorists, neo-hippies, traitors, Islamists, gay rights activists, unions, kooks, and Grade-A Morons like this guy, completely oblivious to the hilarious self-negating contradictions in the picture:

I always like to end these things with a glimmer of hope — in this case, a couple of punked-out teens, the next generation — who had this to say to the passing parade of lefties:

Hungry for more? View the full report at Ringo’s Pictures:

Anti-War Demonstration, Hollywood, CA – March 19th, 2011.

The mainstream media may have lost its credibility with most Americans, but it still lumbers on, determined to survive. We still need citizen journalists and independent bloggers to bring home the real story!