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Tracking Sandy's Landfall: Your One-Stop Shop

[NOTE: For my latest updates on Hurricane Sandy, follow me on Twitter.]

As I did with Irene and Isaac, I thought it would be helpful to create a "one-stop shop" of live data about Hurricane Sandy, so you can track everything in one place as the storm moves ashore.

For the sake of everyone's browsers and processors, I'll split this post up into multiple pages/sections by type of image (tidal gauges, satellite, radar, etc.). But if you think your computer can handle it, you can view everything on one page here.

The pages/sections are:

Tidal Gauges

Satellite Maps

Radar Maps

Wind, Pressure & Wave Heights

Here's a quick sampling of the sort of images on those pages/sections of this post:

Tidal Gauge at The Battery, New York, NY:

(NOTE: The main Battery Park tidal gauge display is having on-again, off-again issues. If the above image is blank, try this backup. Remember: the storm surge is the green line, i.e., the red "Observed Height" minus the blue "Predicted Height.")

Northeast Sector Radar:

RGB Satellite, Eastern U.S.:

Wind & Pressure, Cape May, NJ:

Also, I'm not going to embed them all in this post, but you may want to check out these webcams, as well as this webcam with sound from the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

Anyway... on with the "one-stop shop." I'll start with tidal gauges. Again, click here to view everything on one page.