WikiLeaks Not Done With Hillary, Suggests More Leaks Coming

(AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

After railroading her way to the Democratic nomination for president, Hillary Clinton may find more controversy on the horizon. From CNN:

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said Tuesday his whistleblowing website might release “a lot more material” relevant to the US electoral campaign.

Assange was speaking in a CNN interview following the release of nearly 20,000 emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee by suspected Russian hackers.


Assange would not confirm or deny whether Russians were behind the hack, citing the need to protect his sources. He pivoted from the question to a critique of Clinton, saying she has attempted to shift focus from her conduct to those revealing it.

“It raises questions about the natural instincts of Clinton that when confronted with a serious domestic political scandal, she tries to blame the Russians, blame the Chinese, et cetera,” Assange told CNN.

“Because if she does that while in government, it could lead to problems,” he added.

Of course, shifting blame from those who engage in morally questionable conduct to those who point it out has been a bipartisan theme this election season. Even if the most cynical analysis of the hackers’ motives proves true, the emails still say what they say, written by who wrote them.


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