Hulu Ditching Ads, But Charging More

My family cut the cord years ago. We have neither cable nor satellite. Instead, we subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Now, all streamed on-demand over the internet. It’s more entertainment than we could possibly keep up with, covering the divergent tastes of our family members, all for a fraction of what we would otherwise pay for the same content through traditional sources.


Personally, I would love to get rid of Hulu, but the wife uses it to keep up with all her singing/dancing/cooking competition shows. Hulu has content I like. But most shows eventually end up on Netflix anyway.

The biggest reason I would like to ditch Hulu is the ads. I pay $7.99 per month for Hulu Plus, pennies less than Netflix, yet have to endure frequent and repetitive commercials during their programs. What’s the point of paying for a subscription and then watching commercials on top of it? If I wanted that experience, I’d have stuck with cable.

Hulu appears to have gotten the message. They’re set to ditch their intrusive ads. Unfortunately, it will come at a cost to consumers. From Collider:

For $11.99/month, subscribers can go ad-free, or remain with a limited number of commercials (reportedly less than on TV, but that’s still a lot) for $7.99/month. And according to a press release, subscribers can switch plans at any time (basically, to add $4 to go ad-free).


Is it worth $4 more per month to go ad-free? That total’s up to almost 30% more than a Netflix subscription. Then again, you do get to see shows the day after they air on the networks.

What do you think? Will you make the switch? If you have left Hulu, will this get you to come back?


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