The Benghazi Movie 13 Hours Looks Incredible

A theatrical depiction of the September 11th attack in Benghazi will land in January. The month doesn’t typically see a lot of competition, which contributed to the commercial success of American Sniper.


Watching the trailer, it’s hard to believe this is helmed by Michael Bay. The Transfomers director appears to have muted his trademark bombastic style, toning it down to pay reverence to the true events drwan from.

13 Hours: The Secret Solders of Benghazi may reinvigorate a national conversation about our government’s handling of the attack. Opining on the trailer, the crew over at Collider Movie Talk confessed to not knowing much about Benghazi. After seeing the trailer, they’re interested. That may be the experience of many who weren’t plugged into the news coverage but pay attention to pop culture.


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