What Is Colonel Sanders Implying About KFC in This Ad?


It’s cool that KFC found a guy who looks exactly like Colonel Sanders to play the iconic chicken peddler in new TV ads. What’s odd is how they’ve chosen to utilize him. Have you seen the baseball-themed spot embedded above? Here’s the colonel’s dialog:


If there’s two things I’m certain of, it’s one: baseball will always be America’s number one sport, free from corruption, scandal, or cheating of any kind;

And two: the summer meal featuring my Kentucky Fried Chicken tastes better than a no hitter.

Evoking the popularity of baseball and tying it to a great American meal like fried chicken makes sense. But why would you associate a false perception of baseball with a claim about your product? The ad seems to indict the colonel’s judgement right before presenting his endorsement. It’s an odd strategy.

But hey, it’s got us talking about fried chicken. So mission accomplished.



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