VIDEO: Doctor Jill Biden Nearly Faces Press, Loses It

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There is maybe just one greater stress than being on the presidential campaign trail and that's actually being President of the United States. While it might seem unfair to the candidates — who may oftentimes be seen gaining weight, going gray, and even sometimes exhibiting erratic behavior — there's good reason our system has evolved the way it has.


Nothing can truly prepare anyone for the stresses of America's imperial presidency, an office that has grown all out of proportion to the Founders' design. But a grueling race that — at best — consists of bad food, endless glad-handing, multiple humiliations, and constant exhaustion on the road to an office that consists of endless glad-handing, multiple humiliations, and constant exhaustion (but better food!) is the closest thing to a presidential boot camp as we're likely to get.

Take Presidentish Joe Biden for example. We were assured for more than four years that he was vigorous, hale, hearty, sharp as a tack, and that he ran circles — when he wasn't biking them — around his hand-picked staff of energetic super-geniuses. But then one day just a couple of weeks ago, all that campaigning and presidenting and stuff suddenly took its toll and he had one bad debate night against Donald Trump.

Also, he had a cold, jetlag, a stutter, and had gotten up early that morning to get his hair done. And yet, he persists. Is a man who can do this somehow unfit for office?


And it's not just the candidates, either. The spouses get wrung through the wringer, too.

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Hillary Clinton was the victim of one right-wing conspiracy theory after another but somehow summoned the selfless courage to seek all that presidential power for herself. Twice. When she lost to Barack Obama during the 2008 primaries, you could almost feel sorry for her — Obama was "the Chosen One" who appeared as though from nowhere to take the nomination that was supposed to be hers.

And then she lost the general election in 2016 to Donald Trump, one of the least-trusted figures ever to top the GOP ticket, and you couldn't help but laugh.

Which brings us to DOCTOR Jill Biden and the 2024 campaign trail.

The stress has been phenomenal these past two weeks after that brutal cold/jetlag/stutter got Democrats publicly wondering whether Biden should step aside and open the nominating process back up. And so DOCTOR Jill Biden, who is known in her own mind for being effortlessly cool under pressure, lost it ever-so-slightly on Monday while deigning to speak to the press.


Accusing a member of the press in good standing of screaming, when she's obviously just speaking loudly enough to be heard at a distance and over traffic noises, is not the kind of noblesse-oblige behavior we've come to expect from DOCTOR Jill Biden. The sudden and unexpected decline of her husband, Joe, must have taken a more serious toll on her than you'd think, given her years of campaign experience.

I'm starting to think that DOCTOR Jill Biden might not be up to the rigors of the Oval Office.



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