School Ignored Trans Student's 'Hit List, Leading to a Bloody Beat-Down

AP Photo/Armando Franca

"I'm gonna murder you," shouted the trans-identifying student at Pennbrook Middle School as the 13-year-old blindsided a 12-year-old girl last week and bashed her skull repeatedly with a Stanley cup. The victim had to be hospitalized, her scalp stapled back together, and she had to go through a concussion protocol, according to police.


It's about as horrible a middle school assault as can be imagined, not in the least because students and staff alike were well aware of the perpetrator's "hit list."

The Daily Mail reported Monday that another 12-year-old female student — remaining anonymous because of her age, like the victim and the thug — made a public statement that "she and two fellow students filled out paperwork explaining what they knew was going to happen if nothing was done and said that she was warned 'watch your back' at lunch."

"You could've stopped it," she said. "It was five hours from when I told you it was going to happen. I don't get how you couldn't have stopped that."

"We had to watch [the victim] taken out with blood dripping down her face and I will never forget that! Laying in bed last night I just kept repeating it in my head."

Reportedly, she was next on the hit list — the one the school did nothing about except to tell the "trans" kid's potential victims, "Don't worry about it, it's not gonna happen."

It never does happen. Right until it does. 

Let's talk for a moment about the so-called "trans" phenomenon we've seen explode these last few years.

Actual gender dysphoria is exceedingly rare, suffered almost exclusively by males, and those who have it are far more likely to be the victims of crime rather than its perpetrators. And if suicide and attempted suicide rates are anything to go by, gender dysphoria is also about the worst mental condition a person can suffer. People with gender dysphoria are genuine victims — oftentimes twice over, again going by crime rates — and deserve our sympathy and our help.


Genuine sufferers of gender dysphoria want nothing more than to "pass" as female (or as male in the rare female cases). The bearded dudes in dresses aren't trying to pass. They're trying to offend — sometimes violently. 

The teenage monster with the hit list might be "trans" in the currently trendy sense and socially contagious sense, but I would wager next month's house payment that he doesn't suffer from gender dysphoria. 

By declaring that anyone can be "trans" — "And probably is!" according to your local useless lefty — we've made emotionally troubled kids a new protected class. Instead of getting the help they need, they can declare themselves "trans" and are suddenly free to take out their troubles on others. 

Meanwhile, genuine sufferers of gender dysphoria get lumped in with predators like the one at Pennbrook Middle School.

Worse, adults like this man, who might, under any other pretext, go to jail, are free to harass, bully, and threaten real women. 


But don't worry. He won't actually hurt anyone. Right up until he does. 

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