White House In FULL PANIC MODE Over Border Crisis

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“How bad is the border crisis, really?” you might ask. You’re probably aware that a mini Democrat Civil War is brewing — in New York, of all places — where the arrival of a few tens of thousands of illegals had Gov. Kathy Hochul sniping at Presidentish Joe Biden last week. Just a couple of days ago, in Chicago, residents of the West Side’s Galewood neighborhood were “livid” over plans to house illegals there.


None of that is anything compared to today’s news that the White House just hit the panic button so hard that it almost made me spill my martini.

I’m kidding, of course — I’d never spill a martini. Besides, it’s far too early in the day for one of those; I’m having a Bloody Mary, like a civilized human being. But read on to see why I came close to shooting spicy tomato juice and vodka out of my nose, totally unlike a civilized human being.

It was shocking enough when I read that the White House was engaged in a “stark reversal of its previous stance on the physical barrier,” as the New York Post put it with uncharacteristic dryness.

It was even more shocking to read that the Department of Homeland Security would begin construction in Starr County, Texas, an area DHS admitted has “high illegal entry.” You could have knocked me over with a feather when they used the word “illegal.”

But it gets better.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas even admitted there is “an acute and immediate need to construct physical barriers.” He couldn’t bring himself to say “wall,” but everyone knows that’s exactly what he meant.

The White House has finally admitted there’s a problem. They’re starting to build a wall.

But here’s the real kicker: DHS will “bypass long drawn-out environmental reviews in order to expedite border wall construction.”


Democrats giving up on environmental reviews is like Republicans giving up on…

Sorry, bad example. Washington Republicans give up on stuff all the time. But Democrats almost never let go of their pet programs, so Democrats bypassing environmental reviews to build Trump’s wall is the Bat Signal lighting up because the Joker just escaped Arkham Asylum.

We all know why this is happening. Biden’s poll numbers are lower than the gutter Hunter Biden woke up in every morning during the 2010s. There isn’t anything Biden can do to make people feel better about the economy. Sending out more stimulus checks won’t do anything except reignite inflation, and, besides, Washington is functionally bankrupt already.

But the border crisis isn’t just real — it’s impacting voters in cities like New York and Chicago that Biden can’t afford to have stay home on Election Day. Presumably, because there’s some theoretical upper limit to the number of phony ballots even big city Dems can produce. But across the nation, the southern border has become The Narrative for this entire administration: chaotic, lying, inept, wrong-headed, and dangerous. People can’t help but notice these things, and it’s a narrative the White House has to change, and quickly.

There’s only one way to get that done, and that’s to do that dreaded Orange Man Bad thing and start building a border wall.


Admittedly, Donald Trump overpromised and underdelivered on building the wall, but for modern-day Democrats to take Trump’s signature policy and start running with it is like going to church on Sunday and having the pastor greet you with “All hail Satan.”

I’m no starry-eyed optimist who believes the Biden administration will ever finish the wall. What I expect is for them to do enough to stanch the flow of illegals to Democrat s***hole cities long enough to get Biden reelected. Then it’ll be back to chaos as usual.

But in the meantime, please enjoy the spectacle of Joe Biden going full Orange Man Bad.

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