Dear Conservatives: RFK Jr Is Still Just a F****** Commie

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The current infatuation with RFK Jr. by some on the Right is a complete mystery to me — and it isn’t doing the country any good, either.

The 69-year-old scion of the Kennedy family is running for the Democrat presidential nomination against Presidentish Joe Biden, and he currently polls at something like 20%. If Robert Jr. can apply the coup de grâce to Biden’s reelection campaign, Pat Buchanan style, then I wish him every bit of luck in the world.


But tremble when you think what a much more electable RFK Jr. would do at the top of the Democrat ticket versus Donald Trump or maybe even Ron DeSantis.

A hypothetical President Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would take one look at all the environmentalist boondoggles and unsustainable spending of the Biden administration and say, “Hold my beer.” While Kennedy promises to unite “liberal environmentalists with conservative rod-and-gun folks,” a look at his proposals reveals another one of those fundamental transformations of America “by curbing mining, logging, oil drilling, and suburban sprawl.” That’s a whole lot of federal control of state and local issues. I’ve already got my hands full here in Monument, Colo., trying to stop the commies in Denver from forcing my little town to build high-rise apartment buildings. I can’t fight Denver and Washington.

Word is, Barack Obama had considered Kennedy to head up the EPA. But between his radical environmentalism and past heroin use, his name was dropped. That’s right: RFK Jr was considered too tainted for work in the Obama administration’s weaponized EPA. Ponder on that for a moment.

On foreign policy, RFK Jr. is a hot mess. “It is time to end the imperial project,” he says, “and attend to all that has been neglected: the crumbling cities, the antiquated railways, the failing water systems, the decaying infrastructure, the ailing economy.” In other words, he’d divert defense spending (it isn’t that we spend too much, in my opinion, but that we don’t spend well) for more federal money and control over our states and cities.


Almost everything Kennedy proposes boils down to this: Grow Washington and shrink freedom.

There is no conservative case to make for any of that.

Goo-goo eyes are made at the thrice-married father of six for two reasons: His opposition to the awful, stupid, thieving things done by government at all levels during the COVID pandemic, and his opposition to the “deep state” in the form of our intelligence agencies. But when you look at the details, there’s less there than meets the eye.

Kennedy’s opposition to the COVID vaccines is like the stopped clock being right twice a day — although in his case, really just once. He’s opposed to all vaccines — so much so that he’s lied repeatedly about the contents and dangers of even the safe and effective ones. Traditional vaccines have saved countless lives and prevented the crippling of untold numbers of children and have never caused a single instance of autism. But like any good commie, RFK Jr. would never dream of letting a few broken eggs stop him from enjoying his omelet.

These are your choices in today’s Democrat field: Political strangulation by Deep State or economic strangulation by socialism. You might vote for one to avoid the other, but, in truth, you’ll get both no matter what.

So my heartfelt advice to conservatives crushing on Kennedy is to “stop your slobbering,” if you’ll allow me to misquote Chrissie Hynde. RFK Jr. is a hardcore lefty who gets people killed, and he would get even more people killed if anyone were ever stupid enough to let him anywhere near Washington’s overdeveloped levers of power.


RFK Jr. might prove to be a useful tool for hurting Biden during the primaries, but never forget what he is.

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