TAKIN' IT TO THE STREET: Ron DeSantis Has the Best New Video for the Best New Yard Sign

(Courtesy of the DeSantis campaign.)

I don’t live in Florida, and I’m not really a yard sign guy, but if I did, and if I were, I’d plop down twenty bucks right now for the new Ron DeSantis yard sign.

In patriotic red, white, and blue, the new signs read:

DeSantis Yard Sign

On the surface, there’s nothing terribly original or striking about any of those phrases. Heck, nobody on the governor’s team even asked me if they could use my patented phrase, “Celebrity Medical Spokesmodel Anthony ‘Doctor’ Fauci.”

(The answer would have been a hearty, “Hell, YES!” for what it’s worth.)

So what makes this simple yard sign so great? The attitude, the snark, the fighting in-your-faceness of taking progressive moral preening and turning it back on them.

Actually, the video can explain it with moving images better than anyone could with words, so here you go:

There are forced eyerolls and then there are genuine eyerolls. And while I’m no movie director, that sure looked like a genuine eyeroll to me.

DeSantis has had a busy year, tending to his wife Casey’s cancer recovery, helping lead the way out of COVID madness, taunting Democrats, taming Disney’s wokesters, and preventing Christina Pushaw from taking over the world the way she’s taken over my heart …

… you know, the usual.

So exactly what his presidential ambitions might be (I’m being coy here) he just hasn’t had time to tell us.

Besides, DeSantis has that reelection to cruise right through next year.

But it’s impossible to imagine a governor with DeSantis’ visibly and measurable successes who doesn’t entertain notions of sitting behind the Resolute desk.

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Will he make a run for it in 2024? Or demur to Donald Trump and wait until 2028?

Given Trump’s continued popularity with GOP primary voters, making a run at Trump might be a fool’s errand. Or worse: Political suicide.

To be honest, I’m a bit conflicted about Trump running again in 2024.

On the one hand, as an American, there’s almost nothing I like better than a comeback story. And after the way Democrats trashed the election process and our economy in 2020 just to beat Trump, having him win in 2024 would be one of the greatest comebacks of all time.

Cue the Rocky theme, right? If I were President Trump Round II, I’d ditch “Hail to the Chief” and make them play Bill Conti whenever I walked into a room.

My reservation is pure politics, not Trump.

Trump vs Biden II would be framed by the Mainstream Media — which, sadly, is still where most Americans go for their news — as a referendum on Trump, not Biden. Considering how effectively they smeared Trump last time, it might just work again. Also, I just saw a poll showing Trump with a 2-4% lead over Biden. Given how badly Biden polls, shouldn’t Trump be higher?

Whatever. If Trump runs, I hope he wins and wins big.

But if not, we’ve got DeSantis — a guy who knows how to fight and whose media game is more disciplined than Trump’s is.

I’m not getting cocky, I swear, but I look at our two likely choices for 2024 and can’t help but think: “Win-Win.”


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