At Twitter, It's All Over But the Shrieking

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

The Wall Street Journal reported moments ago that Twitter and Elon Musk have reached a deal and that the terms of the buyout will be announced “shortly.”

Let us watch now the Left’s rending of its garments and hear the lamentations of their womyn.

Musk hasn’t gone into the details yet but last week he promised to rid the platform of spambots — I think of them as hatebots — and to make Twitter a platform for free speech, which has America’s totalitarian Left wetting itself.

Seriously, free speech frightens them.

It isn’t the unvaccinated they fear; it’s the fear of having to argue the merits of vaccines that haven’t worked as promised.

“Destroying” Twitter consists of opening it back up to all sides while unlocking its latent

Remember the insurrection that never happened? It’s about to happen again.


What would the Left do without someone other than themselves to blame for everything they’ve poisoned?

In the since-deleted tweet above, fake black man Shaun King says the buyout is all about white power.

Well, good — that means it’s working.

Some folks are just plain unhinged.

But I’m guessing they were like that long before Musk even entertained a notion about buying Twitter.

Never joke with the world’s richest person about buying something.

Rob could start by apologizing for North.

Some are celebrating.

Now that it’s about to become his platform, let’s give Musk himself the last word.

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