Top Ten Other Kamala Harris Make-Work Jobs

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What to do with a Vice President like Kamala Harris, who is somehow both more useless and annoying than is typical even for an American vice president?

“I know,” said Presidentish Joe Biden in what passed for a brief moment of lucidity last spring. “I’ll have her solve the border crisis, you know, the thing I created and don’t actually want solved.”


In a way, I suppose that worked: Biden’s border-crisis-by-design continues to malfunction precisely as designed. But the PR disaster sure didn’t do anything to help Harris’ rising disapproval numbers — or Biden’s, either.

Next Up: They put her in charge of repairing our relations with France.

If you don’t recall, Biden nixed a multibillion-dollar submarine deal Australia had with France. The idea was to get the Aussies to buy American- or British-built nuclear subs instead of French diesel subs.

Two problems with that. The first is that Australia won’t get its first nuclear sub for 20 years, because apparently, nobody told Old Joe (or the Aussies) that we’re already building subs at capacity. The second is that France didn’t learn that Joe had screwed them until French President Emmanuel Macron found himself bent over the Resolute desk right there on CNN for everyone to see.

It’s one thing to privately humiliate a rival. It’s quite another to do it publicly and without warning.

You don’t have to guess which option Slow Joe chose.

Adding insult to injury, the White House sent Harris over to France to try and undo Joe’s damage. The result was as comically cringe-worthy as a first-season episode of Veep.


Really, the vice president’s most important job might be nothing more than managing a smooth-running office, so that if they do have to step up as POTUS, they can be ready to go at a heartbeat’s notice.

Or lack thereof.

Harris can’t even do that much: Her staff is leaving in droves because “Staffers Say She’s Is A Mean, Morale-Destroying Bully As A Boss.”

Clearly, Harris can’t be trusted with anything important, even when she’s expected by her own boss to fail.

Maybe that’s why Harris has now been put in charge of fixing those nasty “maternal mortality issues” that hardly exist.

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As Gail Heriot noted Wednesday on Instapundit, “maternal mortality itself is very rare,” and yet the White House “seem[s] to think that the racial disparities in maternal mortality are a top-line issue.”

Well, no. The White House is giving Harris something to do that not even she can screw up. They gave her a job that sounds nice because hardly anyone likes racial disparities, and even fewer are in favor of maternity mortality. But there’s really nothing for Harris to do but to see her name looking important on the press release hardly anyone will read.


So it’s a make-work job for Harris.

With all that in mind — drumroll, please — here are the…

Top Ten Other Kamala Harris Make-Work Jobs

10. Spearhead effort for reducing hyperactivity in aging tree sloths

9. Negotiate a trade deal with Antarctica

8. “Waffle Cones vs. Sugar Cones: A Six-Hour Powerpoint Presentation for President Joe Biden (Eyes Only)”

7. Undercover investigation of Chicago South Side gang areas

6. Collect and collate a complete collection of emerging personal pronouns.

5. Fix that Canadian border thing.

4. TikTok: Where Does It End? A One-Woman Investigation.

3. Der Cacklemeister.

2. United States senator from California, 2017-2021 (Sorry, I’ve just been informed that was real. I apologize for the error)

And finally, the number one Kamala Harris make-work job…

1. Willie Brown.



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