NeverTrump Has Become NeverConservative... Or Was It All Along?

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Good job, NeverTrumpers, you got rid of the Bad Orange Man — so now what?

You want to give everything to the Democrats, really?


Look, I get it. My hands aren’t completely clean on this one. I opposed Donald Trump — hard — during the 2016 Republican primaries. I didn’t trust Trump for a whole host of reasons, not least of which was his Johnny-come-lately approach to conservatism. But my biggest objection to Trump was that I felt the country needed a movement conservative in the Oval Office to undo eight years of Barack Obama.

It was a frustrating primary season because the biggest movement conservative in the race was Ted Cruz, but he was such a bad campaigner (granted, he got better as the primaries went on) that I figured he’d get creamed by Hillary Clinton in the general election.

So when it became clear that Trump was going to be the nominee, guess what I did?

I swallowed hard, once, and got on board the Trump Train.

You can imagine my surprise — my pleasant, pleasant, mind-spinning surprise — that Trump did what he could to govern as the movement conservative I’d been hoping for all along.

By the time Trump’s time in office had been cut unpardonably short, my biggest complaint was that he hadn’t done enough of the Trump stuff.

The famous “You’re fired!” stuff.

FBI, CIA, DOJ, CDC… the very deepest and stinkiest parts of the Swamp needed to be drained clean, but Trump just didn’t fire enough people at or near the top.

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In the end, it was those same agencies (and other, perhaps even more sinister elements), working hand-in-hand with the Democrat-Media Complex, that undid him. The very swamp that Trump promised to drain swallowed him whole.

Maybe he can make another one of those Trumpian comebacks. I don’t know. I hope so.

Here we are, no more Bad Orange Man. No more mean tweets. No more usurper in the Oval Office. The NeverTrumpers have gotten everything they wanted…

…or have they?

In today’s New York Times, alleged Republicans Christine Todd Whitman and Miles Taylor penned an opinion piece headlined: “We Are Republicans With a Plea: Elect Democrats in 2022.”

You might recall Taylor as the lying ingrate who served in Trump’s Department of Homeland Security before penning an anonymous tell-all blasting his boss.

You also might recall Whitman as the onetime governor of New Jersey who, like Chris Christie after her, would have been a Democrat in any slightly redder state.

“Rational Republicans are losing the G.O.P. civil war,” they claim.

They’ve even endorsed intel community shill Evan McMullin against Senator Mike Lee in Utah because that Deep State egghead is supposedly “prepared to challenge politicians who have sought to subvert our Constitution from the comfort of their ‘safe seats’ in Congress.”

The former spook who worked against the will of the people as expressed in the 2016 election is going to save conservatism, apparently.

“The best hope for the rational remnants of the G.O.P.,” Whitman and Taylor write, “is for us to form an alliance with Democrats to defend American institutions, defeat far-right candidates, and elect honorable representatives next year — including a strong contingent of moderate Democrats.”

If they get their way, the Democrats will enact the most radical agenda since just about ever. The only things standing in their way are those “radical” Republicans like Mitch McConnell and two genuinely moderate Democrats, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

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I have a few questions for these NeverTrumpers who claim we’re the radicals:

Since when is it radical to oppose a debt-laden, multitrillion-dollar boondoggle meant to cripple growth, innovation, and the GOP?

Since when is it radical to oppose weaponizing the FBI against concerned parents?

Since when is it radical to oppose teaching anti-white racism?

Since when is it radical to oppose federal funding of abortion?

Since when is it radical to oppose wide-open borders during a pandemic?

Please notice, NeverTrumpers, that the minority GOP isn’t trying to impose some radical new plan on America. They’re merely trying to avoid having a radical leftist agenda imposed on the entire country.

That’s the very essence of conservatism, and if you NeverTrumpers oppose it, then you aren’t really NeverTrumpers, are you?

No: You’re NeverConservative, and we see right through you.


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