CARNAGE: Scenes of Terrorism in Kabul, Plus Brutal Reactions Against Biden

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The scenes of terrorism in Kabul could be best summed up as: Mission Accomplished — for ISIS.

We’ll get to ISIS in a moment.

This is only a five-second clip but it isn’t easy to watch.


Presidentish Joe Biden has backed himself — and our military, and untold numbers of American and allied civilians — into a corner.

He’s famous for that, actually.

The only reason Kamala Harris was selected for the veep slot is that Biden first promised that he’d name a woman, and then later that she would be a woman of color…

…and that left Harris or Stacey Abrams, and Abrams was too busy pretending to be governor of Georgia.

Now this:

Biden promised a “swift and forceful response” to anything far less violent than what happened this morning.

How’s he going to do that with all those human shields he left behind in Kabul and elsewhere?

I’m so old, I remember when ISIS was on the ropes, a spent force barely surviving in the hinterlands of Syria.

That makes me one years old.

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ISIS was quick to recruit and to take advantage of Biden’s botched bugout.

So as it turns out, Biden didn’t abandon Kabul to the Taliban, but he abandoned it to ISIS.

The Taliban had mostly stuck to the August 31 agreement. ISIS, as you well know, has zero compunction about killing when and as they can.

Does this mean another Afghan Civil War, this time between two factions over which can be the most horrible?

Maybe. Probably.

Biden’s combination of inaction and poor decision-making is absolutely impeachable.

More to come. None of it good.

Stay tuned to PJ Media for all of it.


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