Election 2020: Congratulations Are in Order -- To All of Us

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Well done, President Donald Trump.

Good job, America.

No, I am not being facetious.

What he — and we — have done this week was damn near a miracle, even if (God forbid!) the addled proto-corpse of Joe Biden is sworn into office on January 20.


Much of the federal government, the Washington power brokers, the mainstream media in its entirety, Hollywood, and higher education have been piling on Trump since he won the GOP nod.

The Russia Collusion Hoax was ginned up in the Obama White House and carried out by a weaponized and partisan FBI.

Impeachment talk began before Trump was sworn in. How he managed to commit high crimes in office before he was in office is the kind of mental pretzel only Democrats and the criminally insane can twist.

Trump was impeached — impeached, only the third president to be so — early in 2020 for having done the things Joe and Hunter Biden actually did do in Ukraine.


The guy got the Wuhan Flu somewhere along the campaign trail, and suddenly the press went from “We’re all victims of this deadly disease that will probably kill everyone” to “Trump acted stupidly and deserved it” in nothing flat. They were really upset when he was back on his feet in record time and back on the campaign trail showing the kind of youthful energy Biden is now too doddering to even remember.

Yet Trump turned up smiling and spoiling for another fight, every single day.

I won’t even start to bore you with reminders about just how nasty Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign was. The crapweasels who created LBJ’s execrable “Daisy” ad weep with envy from their graves.



Seriously, Johnson’s stuff was tame compared to the shots fired at Trump, daily, for four years.

The level of partisan bile spewed at our kids attending college — or even younger — by their own professors and teachers gets me so mad that I’m not even going to look at the browser tabs, filled with examples, that I collected for this column.

Nope, closing them all.

Now of course we have what looks like a stolen election, rigged weeks or months in advance in a few key, Democrat-run cities in a handful of swing states.

This is where most Republicans would graciously concede

It wasn’t — isn’t — just the big issues or the major institutions, either.

I can hardly even read tech publications (I’m a gadget freak) without seeing headlines like, “How AMD’s fastest new processors prove Trump is wrong about everything in record time” and “Geologists agree that it’s safer to dunk your head in lava than vote for Trump.”

The women’s magazine my wife used to pick up at the grocery store usually featured items on the cover along the lines of “Why it might not be safe to nurse your baby when Trump is on the TV” or “Did Trump rape you? Take our 20-question survey to find out! (The answer is ‘Yes’).”

Hating on Trump is as much a part of America’s cultural zeitgeist as swimming through water is to a shark.

Still, every day he’s back in the fight.

“He fights,” all the early Trump supporters told me in 2015, but I didn’t listen.

It isn’t that Trump campaigned in the last weeks like a man half his age. It’s that he did it after (and during) four years of unrelenting lies, hostility, and false charges from all three of the progressive left’s main power sources: The Democrat-News Complex, the entertainment/big tech industries, and Big Education.

That’s a lot of firepower directed daily at exactly one man.

I get cranky when someone cuts me off in traffic. How Trump keeps at it — and with a smile — is exactly what conservatism needed, exactly when we needed it.

Bravo, Mr. President.

Let’s give credit to the American people, too.

Trump supporters particularly, but even just people who lean right or center and were willing to give him a chance, have been caught in the crossfire.

When we weren’t being targeted directly, that is, as racist, xenophobic, trans-hating, cis-gendered reprobates.

And that’s when they were being nice about it, particularly the well-heeled #NeverTrumpers.

But even after a four-year barrage of a poisonous cultural civil war, about half of us were willing to show up on Election Day and vote for Trump.

Win, lose, or draw, we shifted the battlelines, and just by showing up proved that we’re here to stay.

You deserve much more than a simple “thank you” for all of that, but sadly that’s all I have to offer.


Thank you.


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