The Crisis in Nursing Homes Just Got Worse

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Democrats like to portray themselves as The Party of Science, so why are they still sticking COVID-19 victims in nursing homes in Democrat-run Minnesota?

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported on Wednesday that “Minnesota nursing homes are still being allowed by state regulators to admit coronavirus patients who have been discharged from hospitals.”


This, despite the fact that nursing homes represent a whopping four out of five COVID-19 related death in the Democrat-run North Star State. The official figure is 81%.

Has the Party of Science learned nothing?

At the very best, they’re learning very slowly. The Star-Tribune reports that the “practice is drawing strong opposition from some lawmakers” who are “calling for more state scrutiny over transfers.”

So if I’m reading this correctly, there are a few Minnesota lawmakers who want state regulators who are already putting the infected in with the vulnerable, to finally take a closer look at that, approximately 629 dead nursing home residents later.

You have to read down to the fifth paragraph to learn that the one lawmaker reporter Chris Serres quoted actually calling for something to change is Sen. Karin Housley, a Republican.

In New York, where card-carrying Party of Science member Andrew Cuomo runs the show, the situation is even worse — including a coverup.

As late as April 23, Cuomo still insisted that nursing homes “don’t have a right to object” to his executive order forcing them to take in COVID-19 patients.

“That is the rule,” he said, “and that is the regulation and they have to comply with that.”

Two weeks later Cuomo finally backed down, and last week the Daily Caller revealed that New York admitted to “knowingly undercounting nursing home deaths after quietly changing reporting rules” for COVID-19.


The Party of Science’s nursing home death toll in New York is now well over 5,000, at least according to the latest reporting rules. Who knows what rule changes might come in the future.

This same Party of Science has corrupted actual scientists’ ability to gather data about COVID-19-related deaths in nursing homes or anywhere else.

Townhall’s Derek Hunter reported on Sunday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — no bastion of conservative thought in recent years — issued a guideline explicitly encouraging the medical community to inflate the number of deaths attributed to the Wuhan virus.

Hunter noted a CDC directive entitled, “New ICD code introduced for COVID-19 deaths,” that concluded with how to count deaths.

It suggests that doctors should report COVID-19 as the cause of death “for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”

I didn’t add the boldface for emphasis, and neither did Hunter — the CDC did that.

Running up the COVID-19 numbers based on unproven or unverified assumptions — Party of Science!

#METOO: Party of ‘Science’ Is Starting to Scare Me

Meanwhile, alleged Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is still spouting stuff like this:

Party of Science, Yo

Here’s a science experiment you can try without even leaving your home.

Get on Twitter or Facebook or wherever, and ask a well-meaning Democrat friend how many genders there are.


Just be sure to block out a couple of hours on your calendar for the answer, because this could take a while.

The whole point of science is learning from experience, or to be more precise, by experiment.

If you were to start with the hypothesis that it’s good for the public health to put COVID-19 victims in nursing homes with elderly people, but then in your experiments with doing just that you end up with thousands of dead old people, then your hypothesis is false and it’s time to come up with a new hypothesis.

So maybe this whole “party of science” stuff is a ruse, except for the “maybe.”

And I don’t just mean when it comes to nursing homes and COVID-19.

Cristina Cuomo, the wife of progressive CNN infotainment personality Chris Cuomo, revealed on social media last month how she’s using science to combat the COVID-19 infection that swept through her household.

First, she warned that no one should take her “natural remedies” without first “consulting a doctor or naturopath.”


Yes, and it gets sillier.

Cuomo enlisted the help of Dr. Linda Lancaster, a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician and Homeopath previously seen on Gwyneth Paltrow’s totally science-based

It was from Dr. Lancaster that Cuomo learned about a special liver-cleansing beverage and bathing in bleach to “combat the radiation and pollutants” in her body to speed along her recovery.


Dr. Lancaster can be seen in this video explaining how the liver “filters our
emotions and our thoughts.”

“The liver,” she says, “is one of our most important detoxification [sic] in our subtle field.” Whatever that might mean, scientifically.

When I need my liver cleaned, I have at least three cocktails. Alcohol is a disinfectant, the liver processes alcohol, therefore cocktails clean your liver.

Now that’s what I call a party of science.

Seriously though, after all of this couldn’t you use a drink?

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