How Far Will the WaPo Go to Generate Clicks? Meet the Trump Georgia Butt Peach Story

Of all the things you might have expected to have to concern yourself with today, I bet this couldn’t reach the bottom of your list with the aid of a stepladder, a pogo stick, and rocket shoes.


But the Washington Post is here to help you, because democracy dies in darkness if you don’t shine a light on the Trump Georgia Butt Peach Tweet story.

Actually, I wasn’t wondering, but… um… thanks?

In case you were wondering how far the Washington Post would go to generate pageviews, look no further than this BuzzFeed-level bit of social media-style trollery.

Or as the James Beard Award-winning food writer Maura Judkis explains it herself:

In Internet culture . . . well, there’s no delicate way to say this. That crease represents a butt crack. Though Apple briefly threatened to change the design of the beloved sexting emoji to make it less derriere-like in 2016, it reversed course, giving us the luscious, juicy peach we have on our phones today.

Also, I think we’re supposed to intuit that Donald Trump is a butt. Tee-hee, I guess.

Judkis has the vital details of how ancient cuneiform writing, a popularish singer named Lizzo, and the Georgia state fruit combined forces to join the Anti-Trump #Resistance, or some such. The details are surprisingly drab, given the level of buzz the story has generated.

Anyway here’s the tweet that started the whole thing.


See? It’s a cartoon peach, where the “peach” in “impeachment” would go. So Lizzo is being very fresh and clever here, working a pictograph into normal English spelling, like Prince started doing 40 years ago.

Also, peaches are orange and Orange Man Bad and do I have to spell it out for you, sheeple?

So very fresh and clever that even other lefties are calling into question WaPo’s editorial judgement in running this story.

Things didn’t stop with a mere tweet, however. Lizzo also brought her unique wit and charm to her stage show, according to Judkis:

Two days after her tweet, she posted an Instagram video from a concert. β€œFor those who don’t know, let me spell it out for you,” she said, as she turned around and bent over, wearing a gold bodysuit. β€œIm . . . Peach . . .” β€” and here she tapped her left butt cheek β€” β€œ. . .Ment,” she said, with a tap to the right.

I don’t get it.

I do get this though:

Sigh, I suppose these days it must.


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