Video: Jim Mattis Turns Andrea Mitchell Into Brave Sir Robin, "Run Away!"


Brooks Brothers suit: $1,698.

Tasteful red tie: $110.

Leaving Andrea Mitchell without words: Priceless.

It’s a short clip, and totally worth a minute and twelve seconds of your time.

At the end of the clip, in which former SecDef Jim Mattis utterly destroys the MSNBC-approved narrative that President Trump is hurting NATO by asking member nations to beef up their defenses (???), Andrea Mitchell responds like this:

In your resignation letter, returning to that…

To be fair, maybe Trump War Room oversold this just a little. Mitchell wasn’t actually speechless, but she was certainly taken aback for a moment — and oh, so very eager to change the subject to something she could better turn back to a negative.

Mattis is currently on tour promoting his new book, Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead.


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