Join PJM for Dem Debate Drunkblogs This Week [Free Debate Prep Inside]

There are only three secrets to drunkblogging. The first is: Don’t underestimate the importance of carbo-loading. Drunkblogging is thirsty work, but without serious carbs in your stomach to slow down your alcohol absorption, you’re never going to make it. The second is: Contacts out, glasses on. I forgot to do that once during the GOP 2016 debates, and my eyes dried out so badly within the first half-hour that blinks felt like sandpaper. And the third? Have fun.


I mean, have you seen these people, the folks who run for office? If you can’t have fun at their expense, then you’re taking them entirely too seriously. That probably goes double for a race where Slow Joe Biden is the frontrunner in a crowded field of more than 20 candidates. Speaking of doubles, we have another double Democratic debate this week, and I’ll be here — carbo-loaded, glasses-wearing, beverage cart next to my desk — to have far too much fun with all the action. Click in right here at around 7:45 Eastern on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for all the action.

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