Solar Plant Rejected for Producing Solar Energy

Maybe people really are getting dumber:

A town council in North Carolina rejected plans to rezone land for a solar farm after residents voiced fears it would cause cancer, stop plants from growing and suck up all the energy from the sun.

Two citizens reportedly made the allegations at a Woodland Town Council meeting in Northampton County, northeastern North Carolina, on Wednesday.

Bobby Mann said the farm would “suck up all the energy from the sun and businesses would not come to Woodland,” the Roanoke-Chowan Herald-News reports.

Retired science teacher Jane Mann feared the proposed solar ranch could hinder photosynthesis — the process of converting light energy from the sun into chemical energy for fuel — in the area and stop plants from growing.

She added that no one could tell her solar panels didn’t cause cancer.


It’s not so much that uninformed people believe silly things, it’s that the town council went along with the uninformed people who believe silly things.

On second thought, if you take that up to the national level it explains a lot.


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