New Poll Shows Bush in the Basement

Republican presidential candidate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush waves to supporters during a campaign stop, Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015, in Florence, S.C. Bush called the struggle against the Islamic State group "the war of our time." (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)


The most recent polling is the worst yet for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. A University of Massachusetts poll, with a 6.4 percent margin of error, has Bush at just 3 percent. That is within the margin of error of the poll. Which means his actual support statistically could be closer to zero.

Even worse for the Bush campaign is that this poll is not an outlier.
A look at the Real Clear Politics polling shows that Bush has been trending downward. In two of the last three polls used by RCP, Bush garnered only 4 percent support.

Bush’s strategy is based on two things: Money and endurance — that even if he loses the first three or four smaller states, he’ll still have enough money in the bank to buy airtime in the larger, more expensive states.

But Bush’s top-heavy campaign has already been spending big bucks on TV spots, only to find his numbers cratering and his bundlers getting the vapors.

This is a dead campaign, barely walking. Jeb needs to drop out and free up some big donors for candidates with some standing left.