The Final Countdown

It seems unpossible, but the big Bullets & Bourbon conference is just two months away at Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, TX.

I’ll be handling the model rocket launches (true) and am putting together a presentation on the ultimate penumbra emanating from the Constitution — the right to pleasure (also true). One of those truths self-evident to sports shooters is that the Second Amendment brings an awful lot of pleasure.

I’m also trying to put together a little something, maybe even a contest, on making a proper Old Fashioned. But the Lodge is in a dry county, and I’m told that complicates things. The Lodge itself isn’t dry, of course, and guests all become members, which allows them to enjoy the bourbon, and…

…well, you see what I mean by complications.

The list of speakers includes Glenn Reynolds, Dr Helen Smith, Mark Rippetoe, Kevin Williamson (whose brain I’m dying to pick), Ed Morrissey, Roger Simon, Dana Loesch, and I hope I’m not forgetting anyone.

I’m told reservations are still available