First VW, Now... Samsung?

Smarter than your average eco-regulator? (Shutterstock image)

Smarter than your average eco-regulator?
(Shutterstock image)


Independent lab tests have found that some Samsung TVs in Europe appear to use less energy during official testing conditions than they do during real-world use, raising questions about whether they are set up to game energy efficiency tests.

The European commission says it will investigate any allegations of cheating the tests and has pledged to tighten energy efficiency regulations to outlaw the use of so-called “defeat devices” in TVs or other consumer products, after several EU states raised similar concerns.

The apparent discrepancy between real-world and test performance of the TVs is reminiscent of the VW scandal that originated in the US last week.

If First World governments weren’t on a crusade to impoverish the middle class by making everything conform* to ridiculous energy requirements while also making energy impossibly expensive, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

*Conform being the key word. Conform is always the key word.