Panic Time in Clintonland

Ran his last winning campaign 19 years ago. (AP photo)

Ran his last winning campaign 19 years ago.
(AP photo)

“Bring back Bill,” is the worried cry among Democratic insiders.


Democratic fundraisers are urging Hillary Clinton to make Bill Clinton a bigger part of her presidential campaign, particularly when it comes to fundraising.

The donors, who have contributed some of the biggest checks to President Obama and the Democratic Party, are disappointed by the lack of face time, overall communication and gratitude from Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.

“Fundraising is not a natural strong suit for Hillary,” one top Democratic fundraiser bluntly said.

Hillary Clinton is “lacking a certain personal touch,” the person said. The source added that the former secretary of State “publicly, is a little stiff.”

This same thing happened in 2008, when Hillary’s campaign began to falter against Barack Obama’s masterful ground game.

Now it’s happening again — and yet the opposition is an aging socialist (other than Hillary, I mean) and an aging Veep who isn’t even running.