Book Her, Danno

Last week my five-year-old came home from kindergarten with a nasty little stomach bug — poor kid was up half the night throwing up everything in his stomach and then some. Friday was Melissa’s turn. On Saturday my nine-year-old got it, and lost most of a precious Saturday to the Angry Toilet Gods. When I didn’t come down with it by Tuesday, I figured I was safe. Then came the Zero Dark Thirty hours of Wednesday morning, and it was every bit as awful as my little family had led me to expect.


But that bug wasn’t nearly as sick-making as the latest on Hillary Clinton and her wheeler-dealing as secretary of State:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails reveal how prominently the Clinton Foundation factored into her thinking as America’s top diplomat, raising questions about where she drew the line between official business and aiding the family charity run by her husband and daughter.

In one instance, Mrs. Clinton appeared to try to steer a Haiti earthquake recovery project to the foundation, according to new emails released this week as the State Department belatedly complies with open records requests for her communications during her four years in office.

Another email shows Mrs. Clinton directing a State Department employee to handle solicitation of money from Norway for a program she was about to announce in a speech at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2010, and which was being run by the United Nations Foundation, another nonprofit created by Ted Turner that has close ties to her family’s operation.

These are the insider sweetheart deals we know about. The former secretary, when she wasn’t busy pimping out her husband, found the time to delete 32,000 emails. What was contained in those? We may never know, but it’s safe to assume that they weren’t all wedding plans and yoga positions.


There’s more:

In another exchange, Mrs. Clinton praised an idea to set up schools in Haiti, developed by David Domenici, longtime domestic partner to top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, who was her chief of staff at the department.

Ms. Mills, who served as a member of the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors before and after her stint at the State Department under Mrs. Clinton, forwarded the ideas to Mrs. Clinton, who responded enthusiastically.

“Great ideas (no surprise). Let’s work toward solid proposal maybe to Red Cross and Clinton Foundation since they have unencumbered $,” Mrs. Clinton wrote.

The Clinton’s private foundation — let us not insult actual charitable organizations by calling the Clinton Foundation a charity — was used to direct foreign aid dollars to cronies, while Clinton used her position as SecState to put the deals together.

Two more items for you.

The first comes from Fox News, which reports on State Department efforts to conceal the “true extent of classified information” on the privately-owned by deliberately changing or hiding the Top Secret headers:

The changes, which came to light after the first tranche of 296 Benghazi emails was released in May, was confirmed by two sources — one congressional, the other intelligence. The four emails originally were marked classified after a review by career officials at the State Department. But after a second review by the department’s legal office, the designation was switched to “B5” — also known as “deliberative process,” which refers to internal deliberations by the Executive Branch. Such discussions are exempt from public release.

The B5 coding has the effect, according to a congressional source, of dropping the email content “down a deep black hole.”


The next revelation comes from the Washington Post:

While she was secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote and sent at least six e-mails using her private server that contained what government officials now say is classified information, according to thousands of e-mails released by the State Department.

Although government officials deemed the e-mails classified after Clinton left office, they could complicate her efforts to move beyond the political fallout from the controversy. They suggest that her role in distributing sensitive material via her private e-mail system went beyond receiving notes written by others, and appears to contradict earlier public statements in which she denied sending or receiving e-mails containing classified information.

I’ll reiterate: These are the ones we know about. So far.

And the only proper response to WaPo’s weasel-phrase that these classified emails “appear to contradict earlier public statements” is to tell them, “My ass it appears that way!” C’mon, she was lying then and she’s lying now, even in the face of all this new evidence, that her State Department was her and Bill’s private and very profitable plaything.

Le Département d’État c’est moi, if I may paraphrase another entitled and corrupt world leader, sums up exactly how Clinton treated her time at State.


Hillary Clinton belongs in jail.


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