Another One Bites the Dust?

Fate on line two. (AP photo)

Fate on line two.
(AP photo)

Colorado’s experiment with electing stuffed-suit Democrats to the US Senate may be coming to an end if Michael Bennet can’t turn these numbers around:

Polling results reported in the Washington Times released recently show that only 32 percent of voters surveyed think the Coloradan Senator should be reelected, with 40% saying he shouldn’t.

Bennet’s actually in worse shape than was former Sen. Mark Udall at this time last cycle, with an approval rating six points lower. Udall ended up losing his reelection to Republican Sen. Cory Gardener in a heated race.

“When examining former Senator Mark Udall’s approval and re-election numbers 14 months out to Bennet‘s, it’s clear that Bennet, even without a Republican challenger, faces an unfriendly political environment,” said Denver political analyst Floyd Ciruli on his analysis of the poll.

Calling Bennet’s Senate term “undistinguished” would be undeserved praise.