Congress, Schmongress

Rapper name: Old Traitorous Bastard (AP photo)

Rapper name: Old Traitorous Bastard
(AP photo)

Ladies and gentlemen, your Secretary of State explains why President Obama took the Iran deal to the United Nations for ratification before bothering to submit it to your own Congress:


Kerry claimed that the administration was between a rock and a hard place. Either the White House risked getting flak at home, he said, or Iran and the other negotiating nations would balk at the idea of holding their landmark international agreement hostage to one country’s legislature.

“Frankly, some of these other countries were quite resistant to the idea, as sovereign nations, that they were subject to the United States Congress,” Kerry said.

“When you’re negotiating with six other countries, it does require, obviously, a measure of sensitivity and multilateral cooperation that has to take into account other nations’ desires.”

Your elected representatives — such a nuisance to busy Secretaries of State and ambitious Presidents.


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