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Florida Man strikes again — wif his ten widdle fingers:

If you’re looking a for a quiet getaway just a few hours from Miami, Naples is always a convenient choice. Just be aware that they tend to keep things a bit quieter there. It’s not exactly a good outlet for rowdy fun. Twenty-four-year-old Miamian Bryan Chao and his wife found that out the hard way.

On Wednesday, the couple was drinking at the pool of the Naples Inn. Apparently, being at a hotel pool without some sort of loud noise blaring seemed strange to them. How else would you explain their decision to pull the fire alarm?

According to the Naples Daily News, police arrived and asked Chao to get out of the pool. He refused numerous times. He eventually got out, but then, with slurred speech, asked police officers to repeatedly tickle him. Police did not comply but instead tried to handcuff him. The cuffs were apparently too small; however, the cops were eventually able to detain him and take him to jail.


Nobody likes it when the handcuffs are too small.

Then again, in today’s climate it’s probably much smarter to ask the cops to tickle you than to try to tickle them.


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