This Deal Keeps Getting Worse All the Time (Still)

America, you've been Lando'd. (Image courtesy Lucasfilm)

America, you’ve been Lando’d.
(Image courtesy Lucasfilm)

Frederick Kagan has more details from the Iran deal, and why they’re cheering it — in Iran:


The agreement also permits Iran to phase out the first-generation centrifuges on which it now relies and focus its research and development by exclusively using a number of advanced centrifuge models many times more efficient, which has been Tehran’s plan all along. The deal will also entirely end the United Nations’ involvement in Iran’s nuclear program in 10 years, and in 15 years will lift most restrictions on the program.

Even that, though, is not Tehran’s biggest win. The main achievement of the regime’s negotiators is striking a deal that commits the West to removing almost all sanctions on Iran, including most of those imposed to reduce terrorism or to prevent weapons proliferation. Most of the sanctions are likely to end in a few months. Thus the agreement ensures that after a short delay Iran will be able to lay the groundwork for a large nuclear arsenal and, in the interim, expand its conventional military capabilities as much as the regime pleases. The supreme leader should be very proud of his team.

“Supreme leader?” I thought we addressed him as “Mr. President.”


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