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Summer of Covers returns!

Was trying to remember the other day how I lucked into discovering Broken Social Scene before the days of digital music shopping — and I suspect, given that they broke around the turn of the century, that Napster or some other questionable sharing service might have been involved. Remember what that was like, being able to thumb through somebody else’s record collection by remote control? Some nights I’d stay at my desk for hours, almost until dawn, browsing strangers’ music from all over the country, all over the world.

It was thrilling, it was a little dangerous, it was the most amazing way ever to find new music.

That’s all over, and has been for a long time. But for a couple years there, it was like being allowed into living rooms everywhere, digging through their records, and making mix tapes of whatever you liked.

Somewhere across the digital world I came across Broken Social Scene, a massive — as in, it had like 1,000,006 members — alternative act from Canada. Leslie Feist (aka “Feist”) was one of the band’s lead singers, and also enjoyed a successful concurrent solo career. She hasn’t put out an album since 2011’s Metals, which is a situation I hope she rectifies, and soon.

I’d followed her from Broken Social Scene to her second solo album, Let It Die, which brought her no end of sales and critical acclaim. The title track is delightful, as is “Mushaboom,” which shows off Feist’s vocal …oddities… as well as anything she’s recorded.

But this is the Summer of Covers, so enjoy her electronica-influenced take on the Bee-Gee’s 1979 number one disco hit, “Inside And Out.”