Building a Bridge to 1982

Your modern world confuses and frightens her. (AP photo)

Your modern world confuses and frightens her.
(AP photo)

The next Leader of the Free World, stumped by a fax machine as revealed in the latest email dump:

She claimed in April that she scrubbed the server of more than 31,000 emails which she deemed ‘personal’ in nature.

Twitter let out a collective guffaw Tuesday night in the direction of a December 2009 email exchange between Clinton and Abedin – who invested 15 minutes trying to teach her boss how the handset on a fax machine worked.

‘Can you hang up the fax line?’ Abedin wrote. ‘They will call again and try fax.’

‘I thought it was supposed to be off [the] hook to work?’ Clinton responded.

‘Yes,’ Abedin wrote, ‘but hang up one more time. So they can establish the line.’

‘I did,’ Clinton replied.

‘Just pick up [the] phone and hang it up. And leave it hung up,’ Abedin shot back.

‘I’ve done it twice now,’ replied a befuddled Hillary.

There’s an SNL sketch to be had out of this, with Huma trying to talk Hillary through working the nuclear football.

Wait — that’s not funny, is it?