Another Russian Sub Catches Fire

(Image courtesy Wikipedia)

(Image courtesy Wikipedia)

Fortunately nobody was killed this time, but the Russians just had another fire during an SSGN missile sub refit:

On April 7th, for the second time since 2013, a Russian Oscar class nuclear submarine caught fire while undergoing refurbishment. This time it was in a shipyard on the north (arctic) coast. The one in late 2013 was in a Pacific coast shipyard. In both cases the fire was put out quickly and there were no weapons on board. The Russians are pretty strict about reactors being shut down and weapons removed before the shipyard work begins. Thus there was no radiation leak or damage to the sub’s reactor during either fire. In both cases the fire was started when tools or welding ignited some rubber insulation and spread to other flammable material. The 2013 fire took five hours to put out and killed 14 people. The 2015 fire did not kill anyone.

The Oscar-class boats were designed by the Soviets to perform exactly one mission: To launch bunches of high-speed anti-ship missiles all art once at our aircraft carriers. If Russia can’t keep those boats at sea, don’t shed any tears over them.