Kerry in a Pants Suit


I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster regarding Hillary Clinton since the email scandal first broke. When it did, and the seriousness of her breaches became obvious, and watching her tired attempt to deal with it — it felt like she was toast.

But she soldiered on and appeared to recover.

Then I watched her “launch” her “campaign.” One uninspired video, followed by stops at “more intimate venues” signaled a candidate who wasn’t really interested in campaigning, and a public which wasn’t really interested in the candidate.

But she soldiered on and appeared to recover.

This week has seen revelations about her foundation’s taxes, about a deal to let Russia control a good chunk of our uranium production — and sell some of it to Iran, and more.

Will she soldier on and recover?

I don’t know, but the hits do keep on coming, don’t they?