ISIS Family Values


More from the Daily Mail:

Islamic State has released a new set of disturbing propaganda photos, showing off their growing number of military markets in Iraq and Syria.

With the fighting fiercer than ever, the extremist group have already started to convert local markets to supply the growing number of barbarous jihadis in their ranks.

Even young children appear to be allowed to browse through the market, with some of the children wearing their own miniature uniforms.

This is nothing new, of course. We’ve long grown used to seeing Palestinian children dressed up as suicide bombers or carrying automatic weapons — sometimes real ones. If you go to the darker places on the web, you can find videos of Muslim children being trained in the fine art of human decaptiation and other forms of slaughter.

What’s different about ISIS is the sheer scale of the area they hold — and that much of that area formerly belonged to a US client state, since abandoned by our own President.