Zero G Cocktails


I can’t remember who I need to tip my hat to, so let me just say thanks — and that if we ever meet in outer space, the first round is on me. Here’s why:

For the stylish space voyager, sucking liquids through a straw out of a foil bag is never going to cut it. But a new Kickstarter venture hopes to smarten things up by raising money to produce a zero-gravity-friendly martini glass.

Created under the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project, the glass is designed with a series of grooves that prevent the liquid inside from forming into a floating blob and instead guide it neatly towards the mouth.

“The glass is a stepping-stone to say that, Hey, this is possible, you can create these things for space,” Samuel Coniglio, COO of Cosmic Lifestyle Corp., the company designing the glass, says in a promotional video.

They’ve raised $2,707 of their $30,000 goal, and I’m giving some serious thought to kicking in a few bucks myself.

But the real genius, the real benefactor to mankind, will be the person who comes up with a martini glass you can hold at a crowded cocktail party without having to worry about the slightest elbow jostle sending its contents sloshing all over your hand.

C’mon, American entrepreneurs — get on that.

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