Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

From Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Reader™ “cfbleachers” regarding yesterday’s “Fail” post:

Here’s a kicker for you, Steve….my partners and I have about 12 clients. (In our business that’s about as much as you can handle at a time)

5 of the 12 are healthcare related.

We deal with hospitals all over the country.

They are in deep trouble. They are forced to survive on subsidized patients with low reimbursement and they are cutting and slashing to survive. Doctors are going concierge and benefits are not available to hire and retain the best.

The “flip” side of CommunistCare is the destruction of quality…the crappy coverage that punishes “the privileged” is only a fraction of the disaster. They are crushing the hospitals in a boa constrictor squeeze.

We are working like mad to try to replace what the small c communists are destroying. You will NEVER see THIS story in Propagandaland.


I asked if he would mind if I used his comment on the main page, and he replied:

Anything I ever write to you is yours.

Hopefully we can find some additional research so I’m not sole source.

Also, I don’t know if the hospitals want this public for PR purposes. I want to help them, not hurt them as a mission.

The squeeze on reimbursement and the bloating of subsidized patient eligibility is sold as “populism”. It isn’t. It’s the dismantling of private healthcare. It is the creeping assault on the free market.

Single payer, public provider.

Large hospital systems can withstand the attack…for now. Smaller systems are getting crushed. Also depends on demographics to a degree.

If the state can control payment, it can control who gets care.

That sound you hear is the ratchet effect taking hold of you, your doctor, and your care.


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