Walking Dead Stomps Sunday Night Football

The Wrong People

The Wrong People

Looks like NBC, to quote Rick Grimes, is screwing with the wrong people:

Well, this is becoming a bit of a weekly tradition now, isn’t it? For a third consecutive week and the fourth time this season, The Walking Dead has solidly beat Sunday Night Football among adults 18-49. In the sixth episode of its fifth season, the blockbuster AMC series drew a 7.3 rating among the key demo while the New England Patriots’ 42-20 win over the Indianapolis Colts got a 6.2. That’s a 15% spread.

Two things. The first is that 8-2 Pats vs 6-4 Colts was kind of a big deal. The second is that NBC is seen virtually everywhere, but AMC requires basic cable. Oh, and the ratings blowout doesn’t include viewers like me who bought Sunday night’s show on the iTunes Store.

They ought to rebrand the network EndBC.