Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day


The Los Angeles Times has it covered today, so to speak:

Finding a doctor who takes Obamacare coverage could be just as frustrating for Californians in 2015 as the health-law expansion enters its second year.

The state’s largest health insurers are sticking with their often-criticized narrow networks of doctors, and in some cases they are cutting the number of physicians even more, according to a Times analysis of company data. And the state’s insurance exchange, Covered California, still has no comprehensive directory to help consumers match doctors with health plans.

This comes as insurers prepare to enroll hundreds of thousands of new patients this fall and get 1.2 million Californians to renew their policies under the Affordable Care Act.


I’d remind you about the difference between coverage and care, but reality is already doing such a fine job of it for me.

So instead I wrote a little one-act play. It goes like this.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: You have to pay for this piece of paper that says coverage on it.

REAL HUMAN AMERICAN: But I can’t afford it.

OBAMA: I’ll help you pay for it.

AMERICAN: Thanks! What’s it do?

OBAMA: You take it to your doctor and it pays for some of what he bills you.

AMERICAN: Very cool. How much of what he bills me?

OBAMA: Less than the old piece of paper you used to get from work.


[awkward silence]

What if the doctor I like doesn’t take this new piece of paper like he took my old piece of paper?

OBAMA: Remember when I killed Osama bin Laden?


Das Ende

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