Final Stretch Flop Sweat

I almost never link to either party’s official publications, although they can be useful for links to news reports I might not have found on my own. This once though I’m going to share something the NRSC published about Kay Hagan and the North Carolina Senate race:


Kay Hagan is running a purely negative campaign, yet is finding herself on the defensive. A new report showed that healthcare premiums in the Tar Heel State could rise by 30 to 60 percent over the coming years, despite Kay Hagan’s promises to the contrary. This followed reports that Hagan was absent from a hearing with top intelligence officials that focused on ISIL and had a fundraiser planned in New York City only hours after a classified hearing. Senator Hagan refuses to say whether or not she attended the hearing, despite requests to do so. Then a bombshell Politico story revealed that Hagan’s family “received nearly $390,000 in federal grants for energy projects and tax credits created by the 2009 stimulus law, according to public records and information provided by the company.” Yet her campaign openly denies that Senator Hagan profited from the stimulus – a direct falsehood. Hagan refuses to explain why her husband’s company received nine times the average worker’s yearly income from the Obama stimulus which she voted for. Despite repeatedly decrying outside money, Kay Hagan is the recipient of the most outside expenditures of any candidate this cycle.

As I write this, I’m just learning of a couple of gaffes from President Obama during last night’s 60 Minutes interview — including this turd gift wrapped for Republican candidates to use in their TV and radio ads.


There’s also a new poll out of Iowa showing Joni Ernst suddenly up six points against Bruce Braley. And of course, Friday’s news that Mark Udall looks to be in serious trouble right here in Colorado.

Is a GOP wave beginning to crest? I don’t know — there just isn’t enough data yet to draw any conclusions. But if the Democrats are going to hang on to the Senate, they have to win in states like Iowa and North Carolina, and they can’t have the President — who won reelection in 2012 largely because “he understands me!” — acting as out-of-touch as he did last night on a widely-watched national news program.

It’s a good vibe right now, but I’m not yet willing to call it anything more than a vibe.


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