The Fix Is In

When Dana Milbank wrote that scathing piece on the President a week or two ago, I ignored it because, as I tweeted to somebody the next day, Milbank was just pivoting to Hillary Clinton. With that in mind, let us turn now to Howard Kurtz reporting on Democrats and the Mainstream Media (but I repeat myself) abandoning Obama:


President Obama has few remaining friends—either in his own party or in the media.

That’s the unmistakable conclusion of two pieces this week in the New York Times. Just about everyone, it seems, is down on his single, solitary nature.

I’ve been saying for a year now that the president’s liberal media allies have soured on him. It started with the ObamaCare debacle and continued through his seeming passivity or slow reaction time in the wake of the VA scandal, the Bowe Bergdahl mess, the military collapse in Iraq and so on. At this point they’re basically Waiting for Hillary.

Waiting, pivoting — it’s all the same.


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