Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

If you thought yesterday’s Compendium of Doom would have meant no new updates for a couple of days… well, there’s really no end to the cascading craptaculence of President Obama’s signature legislation. Today we have the story of Patricia Petersen, a would-be whistleblower in Washington state:


One of the cases before Petersen involved Seattle Children’s Hospital, the premiere pediatric care facility in the Pacific Northwest. The hospital was kept out of the state health care exchange by Kreidler, who deemed Seattle Children’s care too expensive.

Kreidler, speaking to Fox News in October 2013, said: “You’re going to find that their business plan needs to be altered in order to really be competitive in the marketplace, so they’re offering services at the most reasonable price.”

But after Petersen granted Seattle Children’s Hospital a hearing to appeal Kreidler’s decision, Odiorne wrote this in a job evaluation: “Since your orders are legally the acts of the Commissioner, they must be orders that he supports.”

Republican lawmakers cried foul.

“She has to be completely independent,” said Republican state Sen. Randi Becker. “She has to be able to make her decisions, her rulings, based upon law, not upon somebody’s desire.”

Compliance is all that matters, comrades.


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