Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Here’s what’s being touted as a big win by supporters of the so-settled-we-keep-delaying-key-bits-of-it law:

The ACA motivated many non-group enrollees to get coverage, and nearly six in ten Exchange enrollees were previously uninsured

The survey finds that roughly two-thirds of those with non-group coverage are now in ACA-compliant plans, while three in ten have coverage they purchased before the ACA rules went into effect (referred to as “non-compliant plans” throughout this report). About half of all non-group enrollees now have coverage purchased from a Health Insurance Exchange, and nearly six in ten (57 percent) of those with Exchange coverage were uninsured prior to purchasing their current plan. Most of this previously uninsured group reports having gone without coverage for two years or more, and for many the ACA was a motivator in seeking coverage.


In other words, more than four out of ten (43 percent) had coverage and lost it — and those are just the ones who purchased newer and quite possibly worse plans on the new exchanges. Many more — thousands? millions? — replaced their cancelled plans directly from a health insurance company, because either they weren’t eligible for subsidies or they gave up trying to buy on or one of the state exchanges. Oregon, for example, still hasn’t signed up anybody on their state website. So it’s a pretty safe bet that Kaiser, which has been boosting collectivized coverage for years, has it all wrong. Again.

What’s left out is just how many actually are newly-insured. For that, let’s go to Sharyl Attkisson:

Another number falls short as well. The source who supports and helped implement Obamacare said about 38 million uninsured are eligible for Obamacare and “all of them should be interested in obtaining it.”

Assuming the most positive estimates—that 85 percent of the 8 million enrollees have paid their premiums and 43 percent had coverage before—the newly insured would number only about 3.9 million. By this time, CBO had projected 19 million would have been removed from the ranks of the uninsured, and CMS predicted 26 million.



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